Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

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Chicana/Latina Organization 
Chicanas Website
Josefina Lopez - Your Story Matters
Latinx Women to follow on social media 

Laurie Ann Guerrero - What I Learned from my City 

Mercedez Holtry - "I Deserve to Be Free"
Mercedez Holtry - "My Blood is Beautiful"
Michelle Gonzales - Memoir - details of 90s Punk history through Xicana Feminist Perspective
Natalie Rivera - How I came to terms with not being the perfect housewife
Sonia Guinansaca - #RaceAnd

The sources I have chosen all relate to Chicana Feminism. I posted an article about someone who felt the pressure to marry to make her family happy and proud of her. This idea that still haunts many of us because the older generation happen to still think this way. We know we are worth more than just marrying and settling down but the idea is very much engraved in our minds. I included the slam poetry by Chicana Feminist Mercedez Holtry because she highlights two very important topics in both performances. In one she covers the struggle of continuously being judged when you are a women and the struggle of being mix blood. He raw powerful performance addresses issues in ways that are beautiful. I have included different examples of what I think are Chicanas on the internet as capable of accomplishing.  I included Ted Talks of women who have thrived and become into their own. Josephina Lopez tackles the idea most people have trouble coming into terms with, accepting that your story matters. She talks about how she would write about people she thought were interesting but she never considered herself interesting enough. She is someone who has come into terms with herself and is a great example of being a strong woman. Each is different because no story is completely the same. I listed media links because I appreciate their words and feel like they should be more appreciated. The ones I have provided tackle different categories whether it is music to an organization page.

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