Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Digital Supplement

The Storify media below provides insight to how the #GangstaGardener movement is affecting the lives of citizens. It reflects how individuals capture the opportunity to share and work towards being gangsta gardeners as well. Social media users and internet users utilize different forms of new media to bridge the food gap, but also this media bridging represents how various forms of media are, if used effectively, one huge network. The one huge network ultimately signaling that humans ourselves are one huge network whom are capable to work together, if we can manage to get past our differences.

Ron Finley's TED Talk might not show until its completion. Below is the full video in which he addresses South Central's food problem, and ways his ideas and projects might empower a city to fix it. One important point Finley makes in his talk is that name changing (from South Central Los Angeles to South Los Angeles) does not erase the food crisis in the area. Likewise, providing free digital/technology resources in libraries and in schools does not cover the fact that most who do not go to schools and libraries to use the resources do not have access to the digital. Only collaboration from the community and genuine action and participation will serve to improve these divides, respectively.

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