Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies


Like Eduardo mentioned, one of the movements that I have become involved with is the Presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders. I think I have become involved with this campaign because of the heavy influence of social media. Sure, I have shared my number of posts telling people to register, to vote for Bernie, and the media black out he tends to receive. But I think it's important to mention that I do that because of the many posts, pages, links, Bernie Sanders has. Many people on my news feed also share Bernie articles so that people #feelthebern. On Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there are many people who are advocating for Bernie and even get people out to events by posting on these social media websites. Recently, I went to a rally hosted by Bruins for Bernie because the flyer and event was shared a lot. I know I also have done more beyond the screen by helping registering people to vote, informing others about the views and how the primaries work, and finally going to dorms and telling people to register.

When I was reading the chapter, and how immigrants are put in a bad light or made invisible, it also reminded me of the Bernie campaign. This is due to the fact that Bernie's wins, speeches and many other things are withheld from the media in a sort of media blackout. I mentioned this because the media, especially television news, has too much power in determine what , who is shown and in what light.

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