Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Above and beyond the screen

Ana, your blog was informative and helpful in pointing out the main topics of the introduction chapter, great job! I actually have no recollection of 2006 marches. I think people have not been able to organize themselves in those types of mass numbers, because there is not enough attention or “spotlight” put on them. I was not aware of May Day unfortunately. I am one prime example of how out of touch I am with the reality world unless it is posted on mass media that I put my attention to. This is a sad observation, but it does have a huge impact on social movements such as this. It definitely is ironic that such Immigrants’ rights movement have digital technologies play a huge role within them, and yet those part of the rights movement cannot even properly utilize such technology. We are all aware that many immigrants perhaps do not have access to such digital technologies or have knowledge on how to utilize them to their full potential. The only activist techniques I’ve seen are the videos that utilize guilt or fear within its viewers. Such videos are the ones that promote donating money to certain foundations and use a “sad” model that would ultimately have a better life if we, the viewers, took action into our own hands. I honestly am never fully inspired by a video to have me to take further action beyond the screen. As the reading initially states such videos do not have a long lasting effect, which I do believe is unfortunate. It takes a lot today to grab people’s attention and make them take action upon a certain dilemma/situation.

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