Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

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I really liked your blog, and I appreciate you putting up the words that you though were key terms. I personally read the blog first, and then read the book, but I think that it makes reading the book a little more enjoyable and understandable.
I have, last year I was really involved with the protests against police brutality, and as I became more knowledgeable and did a little more research I became aware of this group called the Youth Justice Coalitions. They actually planned and participated in a demonstration that was partnered with the Black Lives Matter movement. Although they deal with similar issues, they movements are inherently different. It is still cool being able to see the intersectionality, and how media and technology contribute extensively for that.

I think that it is obvious that the Dreamers would not have been able to have the amount of success they had without social media. Even though it does place them at risk for certain legal action, the social media activism really humanized an put a face to the whole movement. People were able to realize that not all immigrants hurt the US; it was the poor misconstrued image of them that hurt the movement. Luckily through social media, this perception changed for the better.

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