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Our Dark Materials: Rediscovering an Egyptian Collection

William Matthew Flinders Petrie


William Petrie is best known for advancing professional archaeological methods and championing the value of context and objects of daily life. Petrie is also noted for his early, and at the time unusual, interest in periods both before and after Pharaonic Egypt. He was a remarkably active excavator in Egypt (and elsewhere) over several decades, regularly collaborating with his wife Hilda Mary Isabel Urlin Petrie, a geologist and artist. From 1884-1886 and 1896-1905, William Petrie's field projects were supported by the Egypt Exploration Fund. Timothy Hopkins' generosity to the EEF brought items from Petrie's excavations to Stanford. Petrie's excavations were approved by Gaston Maspero, the influential Director of Egypt's Antiquities Services. From 1884-1886 and 1896-1905, Petrie worked for the Egypt Exploration Fund, following Édouard Naville in that role.

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