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Our Dark Materials: Rediscovering an Egyptian Collection

How to Use This Website

Scalar is an interactive web platform designed for media-rich scholarly publishing. It presents text, images, and other digital media in ways that highlight relationships and encourage self-directed exploration. 

Using Scalar

In Our Dark Materials, we use Scalar's tools to emphasize non-linear understandings and multiple connections that go beyond the limits of a physical museum exhibit. When exploring this publication, it may be helpful to know more about the ways Scalar organizes information.
  1. Paths: Linear sequences of content, like a reading a book start to finish or following an outline. Paths are sequential and can be hierarchical. They are visualized in several ways, including lists; forward/backward arrows; and branching diagrams that look like a family tree.
  2. Tags: Non-linear groupings of content, associated by concepts such as keywords. Contents can have multiple tags. These links create a network that can be visualized as a dynamic web of nodes and connections.
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Navigating Our Dark Materials

The three primary landing pagesMaterialsPeople, and Themesvisualize the knowledge assembled for Our Dark Materials in different ways.

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