Network Ecologies

Rebecca Norton: The Edge Library

"The Edge Library" is a virtual tour of Amanda Starling Gould's curated exhibition "Network Ecologies Arts in the Edge," installed at The Edge: The Ruppert Commons for Research, Technology and Collaboration, Duke University.

The time-based works "Wandering Through Childhood" and "The Edge Library" piece together data gathered by an early version of the Structure IO mobile scanner. These scans capture dense geometry and use depth sensing to accurately capture dimensions of objects and environments. As a result of this process, the Structure IO's digital models present the real world as an assemblage of continuous surfaces (rather than simulating real world structures through architectonic compositions and constructive logic). My videos explore the simulated surfaces of a virtual environment by pairing the 3-dimensional model with spatial immersion techniques. Lights and paths guide a viewer through the digital replica, stimulating mood and leading narration. Shadows and perspectival distortion, inherent in the scans, intensify the expressive direction of the documentation.

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