Network Ecologies

Networks, Abstraction, and Artificially Intelligent Network(ed) Systems

Networks, Abstraction, and Artificially Intelligent Network(ed) Systems: A conversation with UNC RENCI's Dr. Reagan Moore and Dr. Arcot Rajasekar

After an exciting conversation between Network Ecologies scholars Dr. Reagan Moore, Dr. Arcot Rajasekar, Amanda Starling Gould, Florian Wiencek, and Michael Tauschinger-Dempsey, the following set of notes emerged. We provide them here as content for comment, critique and question so that we may collectively arrive at more comprehensive conceptions of the network, network ecologies, and intelligent network(ed) systems.

Why publish notes? “Taken, made, jotted, foot, or head: Notes are necessary interventions between the things we read and the things we write.” (via Geoffrey Nunberg, Berkeley). Take Note, a recent Harvard conference on the past and future roles of note-taking across the university, highlighted how Pascal, Montesquieu, Leibniz, and Walter Benjamin raised academic note-taking from merely scribbled to artful, organized, and publishable. Digital collaborative note-taking processes extend the intervention from solitary to social, permitting a network of thought to emerge around a shared concept.

1. What is the network?

→ See Dr. Moore expand on these notes in his Network_Ecologies Symposium talk “Policy-based consensus building.

2. Levels of Abstraction

3. AI and Autonomous Objects

Compiled and edited by Amanda Starling Gould

*Note: This conversation took place on December 19, 2012 at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
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