Network Ecologies

Exhibition: The Network Ecologies Arts in the Edge

curated by Amanda Starling Gould

The Network Ecologies Arts in the Edge exhibition brought together two collaborative collections. Combining machinic and human agencies in the form of generative sculpture, painting, and augmented reality (AR), the works by Karin and Shane Denson probe the material and virtual value of today's networked ecology in "Making Mining Networking," a body of work meditating on the creation and exploitation of value in digital environments. Rebecca Norton uses affine geometry to explore actions and intuitions of intermediacy – what she describes as a feeling of being suspended in the middle stages of a process. Works chosen for exhibition included paintings and digital interactive artworks made in collaboration with Eddie Elliot, and image stills from her video project "Wandering Through Childhood."

The Network Ecologies Arts in the Edge exhibition and event was co-sponsored by the FHI, the Duke PhD Lab in Digital Knowledge, and Duke Digital Scholarship Services.

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