Marie Antoinette

Sexuality II

     Louis XVI's sexuality is never animated in the film. His sexual identity is unveiled through actions and gossip. Regardless of how hard Marie tries to engage in sexual activity with Louis XVI, he rejects her sexual advances. He does; however, engage in sexual activity with Marie only to have their children. Sex with a female is merely a task to accomplish a goal versus seeking pleasure. As aforementioned, gossipers link the fact the marriage was not consummated early because Louis XVI preferred spending time with the "stable boys" rather than his new wife. Coppola exaggerates other male character's heterosexual behaviors to show drastic comparisons to Louis XVI's unconfirmed homosexuality. Facts such as the royal doctor giving Louis XVI a clean bill of health, and confirming his ability to achieve an erection push him to finally engage sexually with Marie. One particular scene that captures the lack of sexual enthusiasm Louis XVI has for Marie is when they men are leaving for a hunt. The men are saying goodbyes to their wives, Coppola purposefully captures Louis XVI, and Marie juxtaposes his brother and sister-in-law. His brother expresses how he cannot wait to return to "ravish" his wife, while Louis XVI shows no sexual interest in Marie at all. Moreover, in a second scene his brother states, "four times a night wasn't enough for her last night." Although Louis XVI's authentic sexuality is not reveled in the film, there is enough evidence to conclude that the probability of him being homosexual is rather high. Men of his stature during the period did not openly express their homosexuality.

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