Marie Antoinette


     Many of the scenes that help develop character's sexual identity use food to help guide unveil such intimate information. The film was stuffed with sexual tension and there were plenty of scenes where characters were consuming foods that are well known for their aphrodisiac powers. The men at Versailles who had healthy sexual appetites were constantly seen eating oysters. Such men as Louis XV and Alex Fersen, (Danny Huston) are seen on camera enjoying sexual relationships with women. In the aforementioned scene where Louis XV is being "felt up" by Madam du Berry, Louis is sucking down oysters while inquiring about Marie and Louis XVI's sex life. There is no mistaking Louis XV's grand sexual desires for Madam du Berry, and in return she does not disappoint.

     Later in the film, after Louis XVI and Marie are crowned king and queen, the royal court is having a dinner in the garden courtyard that goes long into the early morning. Marie's closest friend, Yolnade de Polastron (Rose Byme), sends a special thanks to the "special person" (Fersen), for bringing the oysters to the party. Moreover, the lack of eating oysters is synonymous for having a lack of interest in women sexually. Clearly, Louis XVI has a lack of interest in women and gossiper at a dinner party states after concerns of Marie not becoming pregnant, "Louis XVI prefers spending more time with the stable hands than with Marie." Subsequently, Marie learns from Madam du Berry how to consume food in a sexually taunting way to seduce men. She unsuccessfully applies this newly learned technique on Louis XVI. One night when they are in bed, Marie tries to seduce Louise XVI by eating her chocolate in a sexually suggestive way. After being rejected from Louis XVI constantly, she seeks a passionately sexual relationship with Fersen. Marie uses her newly found skills to communicate her sexual desires for Fersen by the way she sensually plays with her food while flirtatiously staring at him from across the table.

                                        "There's something in the oysters!" -Yolande de Polastron 


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