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Utagawa Kunisada II

UTAGAWA Kunisada II  歌川国定 二代

Alternate Names: Utagawa Kunimasa III (歌川国政 三代), Utagawa Toyokuni IV (歌川豊国 四代), Baidō (梅堂), Hōraisha (宝来舎), Ichijusai (一寿斎), Ichiyōsai (一陽斎), Baichōrō (梅蝶楼), Kōchōrō (香蝶楼)

Utagawa Kunisada II, formerly Utagawa Kunimasa II and keeper of over 200 different titles, developed his craft under Utagawa Kunisada I. As a student, and later son-in-law, to Kunisada I, he illustrated over forty known print series featuring beauties and literary scenes. His earliest known prints date to 1844 and grew in number and artistry until his peak popularity in the 1860s. In these years, Utagawa Kunisada II was praised by the Western public, including the notable  artist Vincent Van Gogh. Toward the end of the Japanese artist’s career, he had worked for almost fifty publishers including Tsutaya Kichikzō.

Artist Listing,” The Lavenberg Collection of Prints.

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