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Ogata Gekkō

Ogata Gekkō (尾形月耕)

Alternate Names: Nakagami Masanosuke (名鏡正之助), Tai Masanosuke (田井正之助), Tanaka Masanosuke (田中正之助), Kagyōsai (華暁斎), Meikyōsai (名鏡斎), Nen'yū (年邑), Rōsai (斎楼)

Ogata Gekkō was the member of a Meiji Fine Arts Society (Meiji Bijutsu-kai, 明治美術会) and was self-taught in the arts of painting, illustrating, printmaking, and pottery decorating. He worked in diverse media and developed a broad range of styles during his lifetime. He regularly exhibited influence from ukiyo-e printmaking, Japanese-style painting (nihonga), Chinese literati painting (nanga), and the painting style of the Shijō school. As a respected artist, he represented Japan abroad and was awarded a gold medal at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, Missouri.

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