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Toyohara Kunichika

TOYOHARA Kunichika  豊原国周

Alternate Names: Arakawa Yasohachi (荒川八十八), Beio (米翁), Hoshunro (豊春楼), Ichiosai (一鶯斎), Kachoro (花(華)蝶楼), Shima Sanjin (志満山人), Sogenshi (曹玄子), Kazunobu (升信)

Toyohara Kunichika started his career as an apprentice in the studio of Utagawa Kunisada I and began publishing prints in the Kunisada style in the early 1850s. His progress is easily documented in the Saikenki (細見記), a guide that rated ukiyo-e artists, which ranked him at number eight in 1865. Two years later he ranked at five and finally his highest, a four, in 1885. As an artist who enjoyed creating expressive subjects, he focused on triptychs as a way to create larger, more detailed expressions. Kunichika’s artistic lineage includes accomplished pupils Yōshū Chikanobu, Morikawa Chikashige, and a female student, Toyohara Chikayoshi.

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