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Hishikawa Harunobu

HISHIKAWA Harunobu  菱川春宣
active 1875–1891

Alternate Names: Hishikawa Shunsen (菱川春宣)

Hishikawa Harunobu was primarily known for the many sumo wrestling prints he produced during his lifetime. There is limited documentation of his life, but his name implies membership at the Hishikawa school. He was known to work with the publisher Matsuki Heikichi. He created works like The Wrestler (1875) and The Story of Momotaro (The Peach Boy) (1890), which is featured in From Flowers to Warriors.

Complete Triptychs by Hishikawa Harunobu
The Story of Momotaro (The Peach Boy)

Artist Listing,” The Lavenberg Collection of Prints.

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