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Mizuno Toshikata


MIZUNO Toshikata  水野年方

Alternate Names: Ōsai (応斉), Shōsetsu (蔗雪), Mizuno Kumejirō (水野粂次郎)

Mizuno Toshikata was a woodblock print and ceramic artist known for his prints of beautiful women (bijin-ga, 美人画) and the Sino-Japanese War (1894–95). Toshikata took inspiration from his teacher Tsukioka Yoshitoshi’s 1888 series, Thirty-two Types of Women. In response, he created the woodblock print series Thirty-six Beauties Compared in 1893, one example of which is on view in Nostalgic Femininity. He later studied under Yamada Ryūto, Shibata Hoshū, and Watanabe Shōtei to learn new media, including ceramics and nanga, or Chinese literati painting.

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