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Review of Community Food Security Literature and Future Directions for Addressing Community Food Insecurity in North Minneapolis (summary & metadata)

For over seven years, Minnesota Food
Association (MFA) has worked with immigrant communities, with a special
focus on those groups with traditionally strong ties to agriculture, to
develop economic opportunities in farming. Through the New Immigrant
Agriculture Project, MFA has partnered with farmers according to their
needs - presently, a reliable customer for specific produce. This
challenge is especially complex given the growers' seasonal mix of fresh
produce. Small growers in particular struggle to access the retail
market alongside large distributors. These distributors are able to
undercut prices offered to small growers while providing a larger
variety of produce through suppliers in places like California and
Florida, where growing seasons are longer and the climate more
favorable. However, the more salient barrier relates to transportation
logistics and volume of locally grown produce. Some marketing and
relationship building in food distribution chains can increase consumer
and retailer awareness of local products. For example, health and
community conscious buyers increasingly identify positive growing
practices through certification and branding. Balancing these
considerations, MFA can choose a plan of action to meet high demands for
fresh produce. The report discusses the possibilities of several
marketing strategies and models.

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