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Field Guides to Food

Local Food: Where to Find It, How to Buy It (summary & metadata)

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Where can you find great, fresh, delicious local food? Lots of places in Minnesota! Farmers’ markets are located all over the state, and are a great opportunity to meet the people who grow the food. Many farmers sell food right on their farms, giving their customers the chance to really see and touch the farm life. Community Supported Agriculture is a way for consumers to actively buy in to a seasons’ worth of a farm’s production. Some farmers have banded together into groups to offer customers easy access to a wide variety of products. Some grocery stores even sell locally grown foods! Read on to find out just where the local food sources are near you...
People with lots of experience in buying locally grown food estimate that it costs them 20 to 25 percent more than buying typical supermarket fare. Wait—wait—don’t go away! There are also many ways to add some locally grown foods to your diet without breaking your grocery budget. Read on to find out more.

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