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Keith McHenry, all video, from 2013 visit to Minnesota

Keith McHenry is a co-founder of the organization Food Not Bombs. He started his activism through protesting nuclear power, arms, and war.  While doing so, he promoted different ways producing energy and organic foods. Starting the first Food Not Bombs chapter in 1980, McHenry and his partners has traveled and expanded the organization all over the world with over 1,000 chapters in over 60 countries. 

Principles and History of Food Not Bombs| World Hunger, Capitalism, and American Foreign Policy
0:00-3:51-Introduction and  Background (1:07-4:48 in original)
 0:10-3:51- Early life that started his career with Food Not Bombs
3:51-5:10- The Three Principles (20:45-22:04 in original)
5:10-6:56-  Police Involvement (22:04-23:50 in original)
6:56-19:17-  Food Not Bomb Gatherings (30:55-45:42 in original)
 6:56-9:04- Tour (30:55-32:48 in original)
 9:04-19:17- Food Not Bombs Community/Impact (32:58-45:42 in original)

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