Field Guides to Food

How to Guide: Definitions - The structure of this book

This page provides basic information about the structure of this book and defines key terms.

The Field Guide to Food Systems is a collection of resources, information and thoughts curated by users like you into learning modules or paths.

Page: A new blank page can be created by users to share thoughts, ideas and information about the resource, pathway, or learning module.

Media Page: Media are videos, images, websites, research papers, events, people, etc that are uploaded into the Scalar book. When they are uploaded into Scalar, they will not be saved locally but will allow users to see the actual resource in its original location so users can go directly to the source page if they are compelled to do so.

Resource: Documents, media, webpages, videos, etc. that are added to the Scalar Field Guide to Food book as a media page.

Path: Resources connected by users in a specific order. Users can use existing parts of this collection or add new resources.

Learning Module: A small set of pages (3-5 typically) connected as a pathway that contain information, media, and connections between them that tell a story about what makes food good. Learning modules are created by contributors and editors.

    What can you do with a learning module?
        Learn from it or use it as a teaching tool
        Use it to start or add to a conversation
        Make connections that are interesting to you


Details (sometimes called a "Knowledge Source Assessment"/KSA): Details about what's being shared are entered as metadata in an online form that users embed on the media pages. This form allows people to add what they know and think to the conversation about the specific resource. This form is filled out by the user who has uploaded the media and by those who visit the page. The resulting catalog of details is embedded on pages in a path so readers can easily respond to the contributor’s interpretation of a resource.

Comments: Readers and Users can add comments to pages and pathways with responses, new ideas, and other additions to the conversation.

Annotation: Participants can annotate (describe, comment on, explain...) a media source or another page. “Scalar annotations are quite flexible, due to the fact that each annotation you create is also its own page, and like any Scalar page, can be tagged, added to paths, or even become a path or tag itself. Annotations can refer to multiple media files simultaneously, no matter what types they may be.” For a path on annotations visit this path:

Tag: Tags are pre-established categories, themes, or keywords that users add to media pages. This can help search for other pages with similar themes. One or more tags should be added to all media that is uploaded to the book/Field Guide. Instructions on how to do this can be found later in this path.

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