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Farm Transitions Toolkit (summary & metadata)

From the Introduction:
Since 2010, Land Stewardship Project (LSP) staff members have talked to hundreds of beginning and retiring farmers and professionals about transitioning land to the next generation of farmers. During these visits, a few questions consistently emerged:
• Retiring farmers were saying, “I know I should be doing some planning for the future; where do I start? Are there really beginning farmers who want to farm?”
• Both beginning and retiring farmers asked “How do we find each other?”
• Financial planners said, “I wish I had more tools for clients thinking about next steps with their land– what are people doing and what is working?”
In response to these questions, LSP envisioned this toolkit to share the best examples and resources available for farmers and landowners who are seeking to transition their land to a beginning farmer.
LSP continues to work to better understand what is needed for farmland to be transitioned to the next generation of farmers. There are many challenges facing farmers today. Some solutions can be found on an individual level, and others are deep societal problems that require collective organizing. Our work on both of these fronts is guided by a steering committee of beginning and retiring farmers.

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