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Economic Impact of Farm to School in Central Minnesota - Full report (summary & metadata)

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...The research that has been conduced to date has taken a limited approach to addressing the complex economic issues related to farm-to-school programs. The majority of economic impact studies on this subject thus far have only examined the positive impact of additional local spending. They have not accounted for decreased expenditures to the current supply chain or for the potential for increased costs to the community in the form of higher lunch prices. Further, these economic impact studies have not thoroughly examined the feasibility of providing certain food items to the schools.
This report answers the question “What is the potential economic impact of farm-to-school programs in Central Minnesota” in a comprehensive manner. It addresses the issue of what foods are available and can be used in schools. It looks at variability in the pricing structure. It considers various realistic scenarios under which the food would be provided to the schools. Finally, it takes into account economic realities such as decreases in payments to current school lunch suppliers and increases in the cost to provide lunch.

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