Entanglements: an exploration of the digital literary work FISHNETSTOCKINGS

FishnetStockings Fundamentals

Project Design, Digital Art and Videos: Joellyn Rock

Papercuts + Patterns: Alison Aune, Kirsten Aune

Code and Programing: Pete Willemsen, Logan Sales

Tech + Installation Support: Lisa Fitzpatrick, Mark Fitzpatrick, Justin Anderson
Programming Language: Processing/Java   Platform: Kinect

Underwater Go Pro Camera: Dan Fitzpatrick

Video Performances: Linnéa Ilene Hinkel, Mary Rebekah Myers, Henriette Söderlind, Theresa Koenig, Kaity Hagen, Rob Wittig, Cathy Podeszwa

Text +Twitter Feed: Cathy Podeszwa, Kathleen Roberts, Rob Wittig, Chrystal Pelky, Claire Kirch, Mark Marino, Christa Schulz, Jean Sramek, Jeremy Hight, Joellyn Rock, Lisa Fitzpatrick, and many others (including YOU on twitter)

Music: Video soundtrack music came to us via the generous Bob Duskis at Six Degrees Records

Songs used in this Video:

“The Greater Silence” by Bombay Dub Orchestra from the album Bombay Dub Orchestra on Six Degrees Records. Written by Garry Hughes & Andrew T. Mackey

“Run” by the Midival Punditz from the album Light on Six Degrees Records. Written by Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj

“Bad Bargains / Good Exchanges”, original electronic track by Tobin Dack

Live Mermaid Dancers: Linnéa Ilene Hinkel, Mary Rebekah Myers, Henriette Söderlind

FISHNETSTOCKINGS at the Motion + Media Across Disciplines Lab (MMADLab) at University of Minnesota Duluth

Special Thanks to Lygalleriet in Bergen Norway and the Electronic Literature Organization

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