Colorado State Hospital

Superintendents: Dr. H . A. LaMoure

  When Dr. H. A. LaMoure had taken over as superintendent in 1913, he was put in charge during what was one of the hospitals lowest points. Due to overcrowding they had Patient beds and wheelchairs up and down the hospitals hallways from the lack of space in the dorm rooms. Dr. LaMoure knew that this problem wasn't going anywhere, and he had proposed that he wanted to expand the hospital and add an additional building be built in Denver.

As this idea was turned down, during his served term, there was a private mental hospital for sale that was purchased instead. He did not approve of this and believed that it was unwise but was too late to stop the transaction.

As his suspicions were correct, it was not being used to the most of its ability as it was only holding less than 100 elderly patients. He spoke about how the property was overwhelmed with building repairs and the lack of funds and staff to do anything to about. When Dr. LaMoure had resigned his status as superintendent, he became the medical director of the Woodcroft Hospital.

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