Colorado State Hospital

Superintendents: Dr. A. P. Busey.

  Dr. A.P. Busey had taken over the State Hospital and became the second superintendent when Dr. Thombs had stepped down. When he had made his way to Pueblo to take over seeing over the hospital, he knew what was a head of him was going to be a challenge.

He had made it clear that he came to the hospital to take charge and make a positve change with the care of the patients. The hospital was in a hopeless situation that left the inmates in an unfortunate situation with their care. But Dr. Busey took upon the challenge and created a better system to allow the inmates to have better care, even getting them efficient nurses, getting patients the best help, and clean buildings.

Dr. Busey was one of the best posted men on the care of the insane to be found in this country. He was able to turn the hospital around and create a system to help them keep their books correct. Although he did everything that he could to keep the hospital in order, the state wasn't allowing him to keep everything a float.

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