Colorado State Hospital

Superintendents: Willis H. Bower

Superintendent Willis H. Bower was the shortest tenured superintendent in the hospitals history. He previously worked at Mclean Hospital in Massachusetts where he was charged with the care of elderly mentally ill patients. Bower published a work on mental health care while working at the hospital titled  "Meprobamate in Senile Psychosis" in which he detailed the process of caring for the elderly when they frequently have issues remembering their location and details of their life. Bower also focused on the interaction between the patients and caregivers, which made him an excellent candidate for the State Hospitals Superintendent position.
Willis H. Bower was the superintendent at the hospital for just two years between 1961 and 1963. The hospital underwent a drastic reorganization during the decentralization process of 1962 with Bower at its head. He also published a report that detailed the entire process of decentralization for the hospital in June of 1963. 

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