Colorado State Hospital

Superintendents: Dr. P. R. Thombs

   Dr. P.R. Thombs was the State Hospitals first superintendent as he served the hospital for 20 years, where he resigned in 1899.  When he first started working at the hospital there were only 11 patients. While Dr. P. R. Thombs was caring for the patients and managing the institution, there was suspicion of mismanagement and accusations of him burring the dead, although Dr. Thombs did not acknowledge the rumors of burring the dead, recent discoveries of an unmarked cemetery give many the idea that he was involved.

Due to the lack of funding the hospital had received, and the very few staff that served there, the growth of the hospital may have just been too much for them to handle. Many suspect that the unmarked graveyard was because he himself didn't want to upset the families of the patients or he wanted to keep the failures of the hospital a secret.

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