AAEEBL Digital Ethics Principles: version 1

Principle 7, Scenario 1

You are an undergraduate senior. You are required to develop a ePortfolio of your experiences and reflections over the duration of your final capstone course. As part of the assessment task, you are able to use the web portfolio platform of your choice. Your institution provides you with a list of possible options and outlines the benefits of using each one. However, you are concerned about how each platform may use your information once it is uploaded because recently you have seen advertisements pop up on your phone based on your previous web searches.

When you mention your concerns to classmates, they also share their concerns about the security of their information once it is “in the cloud.” As a result, the group asks the educator if they can investigate licensing agreements for the popular platforms and add relevant information to the existing resource as a class activity. 

Your educator is excited to hear you are interested in learning more about the platforms and creates an activity where you work through end user license agreements in groups to identify how platforms use, store, and manage user data. After this activity, you are in a better position to decide which platform you want to use based on the best benefits and the least amount of acceptable compromises you are willing to make.

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