AAEEBL Digital Ethics Principles: version 1

Principle 12, Scenario 1

You are a recent graduate on the job market and choose to include your ePortfolio link on your resume. You designed your ePortfolio to be viewed on a desktop computer but now imagine that your professional audience will be viewing the site on their mobile devices. You reach out to your former educator to see how you can begin revising the ePortfolio to be effective across platforms. 

Your educator sends you to a support page on the platform provider’s website that walks you through design tips for tablet and smartphone viewing and shows you how you can preview the design on different screen sizes. You redesign your ePortfolio with these tips in mind. Then, you reach out to friends and ask them to practice viewing the site on their phones and tablets so that you can troubleshoot any additional errors. When you are sure that the design is functional and professional looking, you distribute the link to potential employers. 

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