AAEEBL Digital Ethics Principles: version 1

Principle 6, Scenario 3

You are a student. You are developing an ePortfolio for your capstone course and have been asked to publish your in-process site so that you can participate in a peer review activity. You know that the site is not ready for public access, but you also know that you need to publish it so that your peer can review the site. 

Your educator has given you options for how to share your site with your peer: you can publicly publish the site so that it is searchable to outside audiences, you can publish the site but keep the link unsearchable, or you can password-protect the site and give your peer the password so that they alone can access the site. In reflecting on your needs for the peer review, you decide to password-protect the site and share this password with your peer. Later, when you are ready for your educator to view the finished site, you will reflect on these privacy options again and decide on the best option for maintaining your preferred level of privacy. 

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