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Zomick’s on the Connection between Kosher and Vegetarianism

Today Orthodox Judaism generally doesn’t study vegetarianism as a biblical principle. Of course, there are tons of records showing that each Jewish generation that comes understands and knows less about the Torah than the previous ones. Opened back in the 60’s Zomick’s kosher bakery is one of New York’s oldest and best known kosher bakeries, with hundreds of visitors coming to their Inwood located store. Although there isn’t a clear connection between Judaism and vegetarianism, there is perhaps an explanation why contemporary Judaism denies the vegetarian lifestyle. Conclusively, the first food that was given man in the Torah, also known as the Old Testament or "Five Books of Moses", without a doubt is vegetarian.

A clear indication taken from the book of Torah is giving mankind plants or trees that to they can eat their fruits. Following these commandments, through tens of generations, from Adam to Noah, the Israeli people lived modestly and were vegetarian. But following God's commandment lasted briefly, and by the period in which Noah lived, some significant degradation of morals came to place. As Zomick’s special Kosher bakery inform, within this period they began to sacrifice animals.

But after the period of temptation, and falling into sin, after the great floods that destroyed all plants, God had temporarily permitted to eat meat. But soon after, he tried to re-introduce vegetarian diet. In an effort to meet the growing demand for meat, soon, the laws of nutrition were changed. The first Chief Rabbi of modern Israel expressed the feelings of many Jewish thinkers when he assumed that God had imposed such restriction of eating meat in order to minimize the killing of animals. Today there are clear and strict laws on meat in the kosher dietary, informing on its correct preparation, so that it can be acceptable for use in Jewish households. Zomicks own kosher bakery follows the Kashrut dietary laws, and each of their challah recipes, are prepared in accordance to this dietary laws.

What is interesting about Jewish dietary is the fact that its laws apply only to animal meat. All fruits, vegetables, unprocessed grains and cereals, or even dairy products are considered as kosher. However, the Kosher bakery stresses that all products, especially meat must be prepared in a special way. Furthermore, according to the Kashrut dietary laws bread, like Zomick’s Kosher challah bread plays a key role, and it is one of the most important elements of this cuisine. 

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