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Zomick’s Bakery on the Kashrut Rules

The Jewish dietary law marks certain animals as "clean", or suitable for human consumption, while others as "unclean", which means that they should never be eaten. Located in Inwood NYC, Zomick’s kosher bakery offers all sorts of kosher products, delicious pastries and their friendly staff is always happy to assist people and refer to official list of clean and unclean animals According to the holly book, all fruits and vegetables are planted by man and thus are suitable for human diet. The New Testaments also states that it is only allowed to eat meat of herbivores, or animals that eat plants, not meat. In addition, the animals must be ruminants. It is strictly forbidden to eat predators, regardless whether they are animals or birds, since they are not considered suitable human food. Zomick’s kosher bakery further stresses that unclean food is also considered to be the corpse of any clean animal if it is not killed following the proper ceremony. As one of the most unusual law, if someone merely touches such corpse, it becomes "unclean" until evening.

Historically viewed, Jews, followers of certain regulations, refused to search for objective reasons why some animals can be ate and other can’t, in the name of religious principles. Even nowadays as Zomick’s staff explain, many modern Orthodox Jews still consider this correct. For them, the Jewish way of life was established by their ancestors, and that is all that a person needs to know. There is no need to inquire details about it. Other Jews educated in philosophy, comparative religion scholars, particularly those from the Greco-Roman era and the Middle Ages, feel the need to harmonize their faith with the dictates of reason. In the third century BC Jewish scholars Aristaeus critically examined the laws of nutrition that were then followed, saying that they were given to the Jews in order to give them a sense of spirituality, justice and to awaken religious thinking. To prove his case, Zomick’s bakery highlights the fact that Kashrut, the Jewish dietary law, prohibits eating birds of prey, so that every Jew can remember the first principles of social justice, thou shall not not kill others in order to eat them. About two centuries later, another philosopher, and with it the rabbi tried to give a little different interpretation of the Biblical law, says that every creature is marked in the Bible as "unclean", reading about prohibition and pious warning of people to restrain and master their "unclean "passions and habits.

For those who are open to trying something new and delicious, Zomick’s offers a wide range of products all prepared by the Jewish dietary laws. Zomick’s challah bread and some other Zomick’s challah recipes have become worldwide famous, with ordering and demands far from New York City.

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