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Zomick's Kosher Bakery and Philanthropy

All 65 years existence of Zomick’s as a company were completed with stable and thorough analysis of successful and correct operation. We are constantly looking for the right way to help in the right place at the right time, to the right people.
In the past we’ve helped anytime we found out that a help is needed. This time we learned that help is necessary for small children who stay in the surgical department at the General Hospital in Brooklyn. We decided to apply our proven and successful technique of donation, so that we will donate 20 cents from all bread bought from Zomick’s Bakery. The aim is to gather as much funds that will be donated to purchase equipment at the hospital, and thus to facilitate the stay of children in the hospital ward, or to enable their faster recovery.

The action was started at the front doors of Zomick’s Kosher Bakery in the morning on April 16th and will last until there are enough funds needed to equip the children's department. Meanwhile, the most required equipment is already ordered. With the donated funds from Zomick’s are planned procurement of beds, TVs, tables, air-conditioning, refrigerators, holders for infusion, inhalers, aspirators and other necessary items that will be placed in the room for the children of the surgical department.

The donation was realized with the help of the Association of Parents for Care of Healthy Generations whose humanity reach out to the Children's Section of the General Hospital in Brooklyn, where the residence of the children is endangered, and the most help is needed. The Association of Parents for Care of Healthy Generations is an association dedicated to work exactly with these disadvantaged groups. Their help is unconditional and their humanity is boundless.

The activities of Zomick’s will not end there. There are always people who need care and assistance, and we are always ready to go out to meet him.

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