Zomick's Challah: The Finest Piece of Jewish Challah in New York City

Meals Prepared in Muffin Pan

If you think that muffins are only reserved for the sweet lovers than you are clearly mistaken. According to Zomick’s kosher bakery pastry chefs, muffin tin is also used for preparing irresistible salty snacks. There are various combinations that you can prepare in this small ceramic cups or muffin pans. So if you’ve had enough of the usual sweet muffins and cupcakes, prepare Zomick's challah or read Zomick’s suggestions on how to use the muffin tin for creative,mini format recipes. The next time you’re having brunch or hosting a party,surprise your guests and add new twist on tradition with these irresistible,bite-sized, cute and easy variations.

Since its establishment back in 1966, Zomick’s kosher bakery has set for itself a clear mission, to provide only the best and highest quality products. Every morning locals and commuters who pass by the bakery are tempted by the inviting smell of the famous Zomick’s challah bread. Always striving for the best, over the years the bakery has expanded its offering, and today customers can choose from a wide selection of pastries, sweet treats and other specialties. As part of their morning menu the bakery recently introduced the mini sized omelet. Baked in a muffin pan, this genius omelet in adorable miniature form is the best thing for special gatherings and casual branches. Add some vegetables, cheese, mushrooms or whatever it is that you prefer, and watch it turn into a customizable, individual omelet cup.

Meat cupcakes are another brilliant idea that can be easily done following the simple guidelines of Zomick’s challah recipe. Quite often we are left with cooked meat from the day before and have absolutely no idea what to do with it. Now you can easily camouflage meat leftovers into meat cupcakes,adding simple things such as mushrooms, spinach or cheese, and baking it for a few minutes in a greasy muffin pan. You can also use them as a single - serve side dish great for parties.

For holiday parties and summer picnics, RISD recommends trying this Zomick’s muffin sized sandwiches with pastry dough, stuffed with whatever you choose, wrapped and put into the molds, and baked for maximum 10 minutes.

Fries may not be the healthiest food, but it is a simple pleasure that you can treat yourself once in a while. In case you have some fries leftovers, all you need to do is mix them with vegetables by your liking,add cheese, minced meat and whipped egg, and voila! you have a unique dish, with a taste that won’t disappoint even the most picky ones.

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