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In today's modern world many people ask why it is important to keep kosher. Through the years, we have seen many suggested theories about the health benefits of kosher food. As one of New York City's oldest kosher bakeries, Zomick's Challah Bakery knows a thing or two more on this subject, and on this occasion they will share with us why should we keep kosher.

There are many practical, observable benefits to keeping kosher today:
First and probably most important for everyone that follows the kashrut laws is spirituality. The Torah teaches that non-kosher food has a negative effect on a Jewish soul. The soul is like an antenna that picks up waves of spiritual energy. Eating non-kosher food damages the capacity of the soul to connect spiritually. This damage can be repaired only when the person again starts to eat kosher food.

The second reason why one should keep kosher food is because of personal growth. If a person is disciplined in what and when to eat, he will be disciplined in other areas of life. Kashrut requires separating milk and meat products, and not eating certain animals or combinations of foods. This of course applies even when you're really hungry. Zomick’s egg challah is probably a great choice for such situations, and you know that you can’t go wrong with it. All of this builds self-discipline and helps us to elevate our spiritual side, by making conscious choices over animal urges.

Health reasons are an important element as well, as there are numerous health benefits from sticking to kosher diet. Thanks to the extra supervision, kosher food is considered healthier and cleaner. After slaughter, it is checked for abscesses in the animal’s lungs or other health problems. Blood which is the ideal medium for bacterial growth is completely drained. Shellfish, mollusks, lobsters and crabs have spread typhoid and are a source of skin disease. Milk and meat digest at an unequal rate and are difficult for the body. And, of course, pigs can carry trichinosis. Each and every of Zomick's challah is made with kosher certified products.

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