The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Pakou Yang's collection of recipes and family traditions passed down

When I was reading the book, The Color of Food by Natasha Bowens, the portraits that led to me choosing the topic of recipes and family traditions being passed down was Cherokee Seed Bank. In "Cherokee Seed Bank", the person in the portrait, Kevin, talks about how the Cherokee culture is being kept by going back to their roots and getting their cultural foods from planting. In Education for Socially Engaged Art by Pablo Helguera, the topic of audience came up and for my topic of recipes and family traditions passed down, the audience can be for people that cook or for people that have traditions that hold a special meaning or memory to them.

A student at the University of Minnesota, Ben, talks about his own family traditions regarding pies.

Milton Rosa talks about a family tradition passed down from his grandfather to his father of a recipe. 

Karyssa Jackson talks her memory of greens during family gatherings.

Laverne Henderson talks about her recipe for greens. She first learned how to cook while watching her mom cook.

Family tradition is important for the identity of that family and creating memories that will be passed down. Family tradition is a way to keep the past cultural ideas present.

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