Serial Killers in Film

Ted Bundy: Analysis

When comparing the two films to the actual crime story, Ted Bundys lifestyle is portrayed very similarly but also slightly different. As far as the targeted women he chose from, his victims were primarily brunette and gorgeous which were also most of the actresses in the films with an exception of a few blondes. Also in the film “Ted Bundy”, there are countless scenes of Bundy starring and harassing beautiful, young college women which happened to be the same women he was known to rape and kill. Also, his method for murdering young women remained the same throughout each film and every crime report. The film “Ted Bundy” focuses more on the actual lifestyle of Ted Bundy and how he treated his victims before and after he raped and murdered them. As compared to the film “The Stranger Beside Me”, which focuses more on the lifestyle of Bundys lover or wife at the moment and her feelings throughout the entire situation. Racheal Bell (2011) also comments in her true crime report about Bundy having a wife and kid which is also portrayed in both of the films that were analyzed. The minor differences that were expressed in the films in comparison to the crime report were the time spent in jail. In the film “Ted Bundy”, producers actually show footage of Bundy in and out of a jail cell and escaping away from prison. As for the film “The Stranger Beside Me”, shows Bundy in jail for a maximum of two times but never him actually escaping from prison. Another minor detail is Bundys occupation which in the film “Ted Bundy” portrayed him as a college drop-out who was in law school to become a lawyer. The film “The Stranger Beside Me” shows him as a young adult who is going into the navy but later becomes a construction worker. “The Stranger Beside Me” also fails to show Bundys life in jail or anything pertaining to a prison in comparison to A&E’s film “Ted Bundy” which revealed Bundy’s life in prison including his death sentencing. For the most part the films and the true crime reports are similar but also contain a few minor differences. 

YouTube & Media Content
Fans of Ted Bundy still comment on the horror and tragedy the victims of the criminal encountered to this day. Many comments are found on social media networks such as YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. Several individuals comment on the inaccuracy of the films that are based on Bundys murders, as well as the negative portal of Ted Bundy in the films. There are also individuals who aren’t fans of Bundy who comment about the devilish and sinful ways of Ted Bundy and how he got what he deserved. A shocking comment that is often stated pertains to Bundys appearance which many fans, women especially, found extremely attractive. This attraction for Bundy caused a lot of his fans to write him in jail or fight for his freedom. Nonetheless, Bundys fans and haters perceived Bundy in a different light than the one portrayed in the films and novels. Above is a sample of the many comments made about Bundys portrayal in the films and his actual case. 

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