Serial Killers in Film

Jeffrey Dahmer: Analysis

Dahmer 2002

For Dahmer 2002, I felt as the movie was afraid to tell the full truth about Dahmer. The film seems to skate around fact on the murders, cannibalism, and body dismemberment was a real part of the crimes Dahmer committed. Instead of showing those things in the film directly, they gave more of a hint of them or left them out completely. While the film did show murder, that was not most of the movie as most people would expect. About three fourths of the movie is Dahmer’s encounter with a man named Rodney who he meets up with at a pawn shop. While, Dahmer does take Rodney back to his house for beers as with most of his victims, he does not kill him. With the details shown I could not conclude on who Rodney may have been in the actual life of Dahmer.

Overall, the film seemed to leave out some of the facts of Dahmer’s background. It did show some scenes that were based of true events, however it left out major points in Dahmer’s method of operations in him crimes and any background information in Dahmer’s personal life that may have led to his violent actions. I believe the film focused to much on a fictitious relationship between Dahmer and Rodney instead of the crimes that were committed. The film had some “Hollywood” touches where the director tried to make murder more interesting by incorporating a more complex relationship between prey and predator. Which just made the film more inaccurate and gave the audience unanswered questions.
The Secret Life of Jeffree Dahmer

For my second film, In the secret life of Jeffree Dahmer, it was almost an autobiography of Dahmer’s life. Every murder and gruesome detail of Dahmer’s life was shown. This film showed Dahmer for what the world knows him to be, a serial killer. However, it showed the stages of Dahmer’s need to kill. The narrator, Dahmer in the film, explains his need for violence starting his teenage years, that he first only killed animals, how he did plan to kill people, and family issues. While this film does not romanticize or sympathize Dahmer actions, it does give details in to what might have been going on in Dahmer’s mind during each murder. Giving the film, a first-person point of view gave the director a chance to humanize Dahmer by showing his thoughts and emotions, meanwhile still showing every gruesome act. Almost as if to show that even though Dahmer was a murder he still had emotions and that cannot be discredited due to his actions.

Overall, this film was full of content. It showed up the emotional and the murderous side of Jeffree Dahmer. While there may have been slight variations in details of cases over all they were very accurate and painted the truest story of Dahmer possible. As far as events go the fil kept everything in the corrected order including Dahmer’s family experiences and associations with the police before his capture. Film was an accurate portrayal of Dahmer’s story. 

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