Serial Killers in Film


"Serial Killers in Film" is a project deconstructing the portrayal of well-known serial killers in films centered on their crimes. Five distinct killers are addressed, each with three subsections: True Crime Background, Film Portrayal, and Analysis. The objective of this collaboration is to:
1; determine how the choices made in the production of each film coalesce to create an experience distinct from the events of the true crime narrative, and 
2; draw a conclusion about the probable impact of this experience on audience perception of each killer.

While this project does not endeavor to make any generalized claims about the morality of cinema's treatment of serial killers, the question of ethics does underlie our investigation. Is the truth seen in a case's factual evidence the same "truth" pursued by its corresponding film? If not, can and should we condemn the production on this basis? These are the questions that we kept in mind as we collected our research. We leave the task of answering them to each of our readers, as we found that morality -- in this case -- can only be evaluated through individual experience. 

Authors (and their respective topics):
Alexandria Beatty - The Zodiac Killer
Kennedi Brunstad - John Wayne Gacy
Savannah Sweatt - Ted Bundy
Katelynn Petit - Jeffrey Dahmer
Sarah Navin - Aileen Wuornos

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