Serial Killers in Film

Aileen Wuornos: True Crime Background

Birth: February 29, 1956
Death: October 9, 2002
Location of crimes: Florida, USA
Time period of crimes: 1989 – 1990
Aliases/titles: First Female Serial Killer, The Damsel of Death, Susan Lynn Blahovec, Cammie Marsh Greene, Lori Kristine Grody

"I have hate crawling through my system.” –Aileen Wuornos (x)

Aileen Wuornos was born in Rochester, Michigan to Leo Dale Pittman and teenaged Diane Wuornos. Wuornos’ mother and father divorced, and Diane abandoned Wuornos and her brother Keith shortly thereafter. Pittman died in prison, serving time for child molestation charges. Wuornos and her brother were raised by their maternal grandparents. At fourteen years old, Wuornos became pregnant and was moved to a home for unwed mothers. She gave birth to a boy and promptly gave him up for adoption. Wuornos dropped out of school, and it was at this time that she began to lead the life of a hitchhiking prostitute. (x)

After her grandfather’s suicide and the loss of her brother Keith to throat cancer, Wuornos went to Florida. There, she married a wealthy and elderly man named Lewis Fell. It was not long before Fell annulled the marriage and placed a restraining order against Wuornos for beating Fell with his own cane and wasting his money. In 1986, Wuornos met Tyria Moore at a gay bar in Daytona and the two became a couple. It was in 1989 that Wuornos began killing and robbing men who picked her up on the highway. All of her victims were white males between the ages of 40 and 65, and the murder weapon was a handgun in all cases. (x)

December 13, 1989 - Richard Mallory’s body is found. He had been shot several times, twice to the lung, which proved fatal.
June 1, 1990 - David Spears’ nude body is found. He had taken six bullet wounds to the torso.
June 6, 1990 - Charles Carskaddan’s body is found. He had taken nine bullet wounds to the chest and abdomen.
July 4, 1990 - Police find a car connected to Peter Siems. Though Wuornos later confessed to killing Siems, his body was never recovered.
August 4, 1990 - Troy Buress’ body is found. He had taken two bullet wounds.
September 12, 1990 – Charles “Dick” Humphreys’ body is found. He had taken six bullet wounds to the head and torso.
November 19, 1990 - Walter Gino Antonio’s mostly nude body is found. He had taken four bullet wounds to the back and head.
January 9, 1991 - Wuornos is arrested at a Port Orange biker bar called “The Last Resort.
January 16, 1991 - Wuornos confesses to six self-defense killings.
November 21, 1991 - A "born-again" Christian named Arlene Pralle and her husband legally adopt Wuornos under what they claim to be orders from God.
January 14, 1992 - Wuornos goes on trial for the murder of Richard Mallory, the first of her victims.
January 27, 1992 - Wuornos is convicted of Richard Mallory’s murder.
January 31, 1992 - Wuornos receives the death sentence.
October 9, 2002 - Wuornos is executed by lethal injection at Florida State Prison.

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