Reel Norden : Nordic Film & History

Reel Norden: Nordic Film & History

Film is a powerful means for communicating history to a general public.  For better or worse, movies reach a much broader audience than do historical monographs.  Because films are multi-sensory, providing viewers with visual images, music, sound effects and dialog, they are a medium that can leave lasting impressions on a viewer.  With films depicting history, the images and messages conveyed are often what first comes to mind when a particular event or era is mentioned.  Consider, e.g. the association of WWII with Saving Private Ryan, slavery with Twelve Years a Slave, or the Holocaust with Schindler's List.  Or from a Danish or Norwegian perspective WWII may bring to mind Flame and Citron or Max Manus.  But these films are unfortunately not usually accompanied with information to help viewers know when history is depicted accurately and when the filmmakers have taken liberties in presenting the past.  This site aims to address this issue by providing analyses of several films related to a number of historical eras in the history of Norden (the countries of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).  Through research conducted by students in the Concordia College (Moorhead, MN) class Hist/Scan 337 Reel Norden:  Scandinavian History & Film, this website assesses the historical accuracy of nine different films by examining the following questions:

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