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The Ox Analysis

 This film depicts the struggle of Helge Roos and his wife, Elfrida, to survive during a great famine and the consequences of their choices. Due to desperation brought on from starvation, Helge Roos makes a hasty decision to slaughter one of his employer's oxen when it is grazing outside of his house. This decision shapes the entire plot of the film. Helge and Elfrida feel immensely guilty for what was done. Suspicion towards Helge increases and he is forced to remove any evidence of the ox from his home. In an attempt to acquire some money, Helge decides to bring the hide to the market, where he is caught and is eventually sentenced to life in prison. It is up to Helge's former employer to determine if Helge will ever be released. While Helge is in prison, Elfrida continues to struggle and faces her own hard decisions to survive. 

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