Rebooting Electronic Literature Volume 3: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media

Social Media Content for Michael Joyce's "afternoon, a story"

The following are postings on social media sites that promoted the live, global reading of afternoon, a story, an event entitled "An Afternoon with afternoon," prior to or during the event. Social media sites include the Electronic Literature Lab's Twitter site, as well as Grigar's personal Facebook account.


Dene Grigar posted from her personal account to the Electronic Literature Organization Facebook Group.

Dene Grigar posts in Facebook that the artists held a virtual rehearsal for "An Afternoon with afternoon." She invites people to register for the event on July 15th, 2020.

Dene Grigar invites people to the event, "An Afternoon with afternoon," explaining that the artists will be reading aloud the 11th edition of afternoon, a story by virtually controlling the work on her computer screen.

Dene Grigar thanks participants for attending "An Afternoon with afternoon," pointing viewers to the exhibition website showcasing 13 editions of the work.



The Electronic Literature Lab used their Twitter account to post promotional content regarding the event.

The Electronic Literature Lab invites viewers to participate in "An Afternoon with afternoon", in addition to a link to Rebooting Electronic Literature, Volume 3.

The Electronic Literature Lab promotes the Traversal for afternoon, a story, as well as a link to the exhibition site.

The Electronic Literature Lab tweets an image of Dene Grigar analyzing four editions of afternoon, a story on four different eras of Apple Computers.

The Electronic Literature Lab invites viewers to join "An Afternoon with afternoon" in the following week.

In this post, the Electronic Literature Lab encourages attendees to share their experiences with afternoon, a story, including their first encounters with the piece and its impacts on their understanding of electronic literature.

Claus Atzenbeck promotes "An Afternoon with afternoon."

Claus Atzenbeck posts appreciation for Michael Joyce's reading of afternoon, a story. Atzenbeck also thanks Dene Grigar for hosting the event.

Astrid Ensslin thanks the Electronic Literature Lab for inviting her to act as chat archivist for the event.

Clare Hooper promotes "An Afternoon with afternoon", and includes a link to the exhibition website.

Matthew Kirschenbaum tweets that afternoon, a story may have more published scholarship regarding it than any other single piece of e-lit.

Mark C Marino promotes "An Afternoon with afternoon."

Mark C Marino tweets a quote from Michael Joyce regarding word processors.

Mark C Marino expresses excitement about listening to renowned e-lit artists read aloud afternoon, a story.

Julia Polyck-Oneill shares her appreciation for the event, mentioning the lively chat and the thrill of listening to e-lit artists read aloud afternoon, a story.

Anastasia Salter promotes "An Afternoon with afternoon," posting a link to the exhibition website.

Anastasia Salter relates her earliest encounters with afternoon, a story in one of Kirschenbaum's classes around the same time she attended an AWP conference.

SIGWEB promotes "An Afternoon with afternoon" through Twitter, and explains that Michael Joyce will close the reading.

Holly Slocum promotes "An Afternoon with afternoon", inviting viewers to register and posting a reminder that the event would be held the following day.

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