Rebooting Electronic Literature Volume 3: Documenting Pre-Web Born Digital Media

Mark Bernstein's "Those Trojan Girls"

Mark Bernstein's Biography

Mark Bernstein has been writing hypertexts and developing hypertext authoring software since 1987. His impact in the development and publishing of hypertexts is difficult to overstate. Bernstein has held pivotal roles as an author, editor, publisher, and theorist of hypertext. He is founder and chief scientist at Eastgate Systems. At Eastgate Systems, he is responsible for the publication and editing of many of the core and foundational works of hypertext’s early period. As a software engineer and scientist he wrote Hypergate, a hypertext authoring tool that predates Apple’s Hypercard. He has also maintained and updated Eastgate’s Storyspace authoring tool, migrating it to Windows environments and keeping it accessible to Apple users through the arc of OS upgrades and evolution. He developed Tinderbox, a personal assistant tool that uses hypertext principles to organize and develop thoughts and notes.

Mark Bernstein's research publications on hypertext, new media, and social media are numerous and vital. A full list of his published contributions to the hypertext field are available in his CV. In addition to writing about hypertext, Bernstein is also the author of several key works of hypertext. He wrote Hypertext Gardens, the hypertext The Election of 1912 (with Erin Sweeney, 1988) and Those Trojan Girls (2016).

Bernstein is a graduate of Swarthmore College, and he holds a doctorate in Chemistry from Harvard University. He has worked as a chemical scientist, a computer scientist, a publisher, an editor, an author, an educator, and an academic.
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