Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

What is Useful When Using the Internet?

I understand how Eduardo views what is considered useful and useless ways to use the internet. However, just like any situation, I don't think it can easily be categorized as black and white. What is honestly considered useless? I on the other hand find what can be considered useless (social media, etc) to be a source of creativity and unexplored opportunities. I work for Oh! Asia Magazine and that happened because I was contacted by a worker through Facebook. There are animators on popular animated TV programs that were discovered and hired because of their Art blogs on Tumblr. What can be considered useless can actually become a source of inspiration for people. Sure the methods may seem unorthodox but we're in a digital era that still remains unexplored. I don't think it's possible to define what can be considered useless or useful when it comes to the internet.

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