Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

"Useless and Useful Ways to Use the Internet" by Eduardo D. Garcia

Paramoe brings up a good question when it comes to what is a "useless" and "useful" ways to use the Internet. A "useless" way to use the Internet in my opinion is by going on social media such as Facebook or watching movies and/or videos on Netflix or YouTube. A useful way to use the Internet is doing homework or looking for jobs which falls in line what the legislators consider "useful" ways to use the Internet. However, that should not matter when everybody should have the right to a computer with Internet access in today's age. Everybody is going to have a definition what is "useless" or "useful" ways to use the World Wide Web, but how individuals use the internet should not be consider less valuable than the popular definition of "useful" and "useless" usages of the web.

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