Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Two sides

I do somewhat play video games. I mostly play Ds, Wii U, and some online games. And I have played CoD with my boyfriend. And let me say, i have experienced and been the target of racial and sexist insults. At times Ive been told that because Im a girl, I dont know what Im doing, that guys are easily able to beat me, that I should go back to doing my girly things (dolls, cooking, cleaning) and that as a Chicana this is too advanced for me and I shouldnt play games and go back to my country. When you're tagrted for being someone who doesn't place highly on the social hierarchy that is in place, its very disheartening and makes you feel bad for being who you are. I tell myself not to pay attention, but after a continuous atring of insults, you sometimes cant help but pay attention.

Im kind of undecided if clans are a cyber feminist group. They can be considered empowering because it consists , in this case, women of color. These women are playing with someone that knows their struggles and won't bring down eachother. However, in Gray's article, women of color were exclusive and brought down the gamers who weren't as familiar or experienced. This is wrong because some women play recreationally and don't really care about being the best or keeping up with the boys. But if I had to lean more to one side, I believe they can be seen as cyber feminist.

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