Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Reaching out

I enjoyed your presentation last week, and your blog is great with exemplifying what you discussed during your presentation. I do not follow any digital activist blogs or websites. The web pages I have seen, such as on Facebook I feel are for the most part verbally abusive. The comments are public and so users can read them, as many of us know. When I see a user comment something about their own opinion on a certain topic, they are verbally attacked by other users. I rather not get myself into that mess. This is perhaps not the case for all web pages that have to do with activism. I think decentralizing movements and making them geographically inclusive through ICTs impairs the movement. We’ve discussed this in class before that some people reside in regions where ICTs cannot reach or are not installed, and this ultimately hurts them via the digital movement. They are less informed about events/topics that can be accessed through the web. They may not be missing out on all the information that is distributed in the world, but they do miss out on a good “chunk” of it.

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