Race and the Digital: Racial Formation and 21st Century Technologies

Race Is Important

I really enjoyed the blog, though it was direct and straight to the point. could have used a couple more visuals, but really informing; a good way to recapture the reading for us!

I dont think that race should be ignored like some cyberfemensits believe. I think that race is an important part of identity that needs to be understood throughout our society. If you negate part of a persons identity, then you take a part of them; this jeopardizes the whole idea of inclusion. I think that in order for racism to go away, the entire population needs to come to a respectful understanding of each other. In order for racism to end on the internet, it has to end in our physical society. Again this is easier said then done.
Racism is definitely present in terms the cyber world because people blatantly make hurtful and hateful comments about race in just about every place possible. Whether these people are attempting to be funny or truly feel a certain way, these comments perpetuates racism and hate. Grudges are held for events and things people have little actual relation to; i think we need to be aware of our historical place in time.

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